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Aside from the obvious, that appreciating the people who work with and for us is good practice: data shows that employee happiness has a measurable impact on a company’s bottom line.


Feeling valued at work is linked to better physical and mental health, as well as higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and motivation.

EMPLOYEE retention

Engaged employees are more likely to stay with their organization, […] feel a stronger bond to their organization’s mission and purpose, [and] build stronger relationships with customers.

customer retention

Companies with highly engaged employees have twice the customer loyalty of those with average employee engagement levels.

organizational financial performance

The average cost of replacing a single employee ranges from one-half to two times their annual salary.

Meanwhile, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%.

What’s different about Pidge Post?

We’re experts on curating offline practices that are intentionally distinct from the ways we most often communicate at work.

Core to our model? Handwritten cards that share appreciation and gratitude.

why cards?

We’re in communication almost all the time, almost always via tech. At work, we chat via email, Teams, Slack, Zoom. With friends, we FaceTime, text, Marco Polo, “like” and “comment” on social media. A card is an unexpectedly simple (and yet emphatic) step away from those tools. It’s a way to break through the noise to tell our team members we value them.

More good data on how cards impact…

  • …the sender: a card allows space to focus on the person to whom we’re writing and think about why/how we appreciate their contributions.
  • …the recipient: a card signals something more meaningful, authentic, and valuable than our day-to-day communication. There is no pressure to respond, react, or “take next steps.”
  • …both: cards are shown to measurably improve feelings of gratitude, a key component to satisfaction and engagement.

This really simple change can help us cultivate stronger, more meaningful, more trusting relationships within our organization. It’s an opportunity to offer better support, improve how we show/feel gratitude, demonstrate respect, and increase engagement and happiness.

people are talking

and they’re saying the kindest things!

“I have my two anniversary cards (both excellent puns) on my desk with a few other mementos. They are definitely meaningful and appreciated.”

“Simple, but stunningly radical. Exactly what we needed.”

“[My company rolled out a different] anniversary recognition program, but it’s lame! I got a generic postcard in the mail that just said happy anniversary. That one went in the trash, and the handwritten card I got from [my manager] went on my desk.”

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