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Engagement and wellbeing are powerfully intertwined, and together impact the potential and longevity of an organization’s success. While we often use “engagement’ in a work context and consider “wellbeing” as something that happens outside of work, data shows that a well workforce has a measurable impact on a company’s bottom line.

Companies seeking to improve performance; create a resilient, engaged workforce; and attract top talent have a responsibility to improve employee wellbeing.

The most impactful way to do this? Focus on each employee as a whole person, not just a worker. Consider the things that humans need to thrive: belonging, purpose, respect, connection.

pidge post supports employee wellbeing by creating meaningful, offline human connection.

handwritten cards are at the center of our model.

We’re experts on curating offline practices that help organizations build an authentic, sustainable culture of appreciation and recognition. 

While our tools align with, and can be built into, virtual wellbeing platforms, our foundation is distinctly analog. 

why cards?

Our favorite question! We could wax poetic for days, but will keep it to a few key points.

  • We most often communicate via technology, in both our work and our lives. Cards are intentionally distinct.
    • For the sender, writing a card offers the opportunity to truly reflect on and articulate appreciation for good work and impact
    • For the recipient, a mailed card is a tangible, personal keepsake that arrives unexpectedly and requires no immediate reaction or response.
  • A handwritten note adds celebratory weight (and humanity!) to recognition that might otherwise happen only virtually, or not at all. Consider:
    • manager kudos
    • milestone celebrations
    • peer-to-peer recognition
    • client appreciation

why pidge post?

Perhaps this is our favorite question, because, as simple as cards themselves may be, building them into our tech-centric lives is a little bit…not simple.

We’ve done this work for years; we know how to make card sending accessible, frictionless, and impactful. A big part of this is knowing that card-sending is only part of the puzzle.

We partner with executive leaders and People Operations teams to create programs customized to your organizational values and engagement goals, and we provide all the tools required to measure and optimize those programs for maximum success.

TL;DR: We take on the heavy lifting so your teams can focus on the good stuff: creating—and enjoying—a thriving, engaged workforce.


people are talking

and they’re saying the kindest things!

“I have my two anniversary cards (both excellent puns) on my desk with a few other mementos. They are definitely meaningful and appreciated.”

“Simple, but stunningly radical.”

“[My company rolled out a different] anniversary recognition program, but it’s lame! I got a generic postcard in the mail that just said happy anniversary. That one went in the trash, and the handwritten card I got from [my manager] went on my desk.”

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